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The history behind CR Handy Home Repair

As far back as Curt Reimer can remember, he has had a passion for fixing things. With a curiosity for how things work, he has always enjoyed taking stuff apart, only to challenge himself to put it back together in proper working order. Growing up, Curt’s family recognized his talent for repair and continually turned to him for home improvement projects around the house.

During Curt’s teen years, he became very interested in cars. He would buy a car and immediately start “improving it.” His parents garage was always filled with engine parts and tools from one of his projects. He also had a fascination with aviation. He enjoyed watching the planes take off and land at the local airport. He loved the sound of the engines and was intrigued with how planes got off the ground.

His two interests came together when he decided, right out of high school, to join the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. After training and 4 years of B-52 maintenance, Curt cross trained into helicopter aircrew for 4 more years.

With 8 years of military experience under his belt, he decided to give civilian life a shot and became a civilian aircraft mechanic. He worked for various airlines all over the country, eventually returning home to the Twin Cities, working for Mesaba Airlines. After 10 years with Mesaba, Curt became a business owner, opening a sign shop in Osseo, MN in 2006. In 2009, he bought a few trucks and started his own home delivery business. Although Curt was running a successful business, he missed the thrill of repair. That passion for turning a wrench never left him.

After Curt bought his own house, he completed several home improvement projects, from a total bathroom renovation to landscaping. Supporting his passion for home improvement, his family began calling on him to work on various jobs around their house, from hanging his sister's TV to installing flooring for his brother.

When Curt's Mom suggested that he start his own handyman business, his wife agreed, and the rest is history. CR Handy Home Repair was born. Curt registered his new business, converted his sign truck to a handyman truck, and got back to doing what he does best… turning the wrench.

Light Electrical, Simple Plumbing, and Furniture Assembly

Whether you are looking to make updates on your kitchen with new hardware, to something as simple as assembling a bookshelf, Curt can help. He tackles small home improvement projects. No job is ever too small. He concentrates more on the light electrical (on existing wiring), simple plumbing (not inside a wall), furniture assembly. You call it a honey-do list? Curt will make it his to-do list. With a background as a military and civilian aircraft mechanic, you can bet that Curt's work is done professionally, on time, within budget, and with precision. He offers a range of handyman and home repair services to include:

  • Assembly (New grill, flat-box furniture, storage shelving, etc.)
  • Installment (Garbage disposal, TV wall mount, picture hanging, etc.)
  • Maintenance (Minor plumbing leaks, outlets/switches etc.)
  • Replace (Kitchen/bath faucets, light fixtures, etc.)
  • Updating (Cabinet hardware, etc.)


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